Two week turnaround time. Rush orders are $10 each, email to check for availability.


Lifesize Foam Core Panels


These are the very large 4'x8" boards you've been seeing at receptions. 

Before ordering please read the following important information for this product

1) These will need to be picked up from us in North Delta (No shipping or delivery). Please arrange for a large vehicle that can fit the boards. They are 4 feet by 8 feet and will not fit in most cars and SUV's. We've had customers rent a cargo van to pick these up successfully. 

2) Foam core is very fragile. Please be careful with these panels as they bump and dent easily

3)The size of these ends up being a 1:2 ratio, most photo are in a 2:3 ratio, so your photo will need to be cropped to fit the dimensions. Before placing an order, please email your image to We'll review it to make sure the resolution is suitable to printing large, and show you the crop. 

Turnaround time is 2 weeks. 


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