Two week turnaround time. Rush orders are $10 each, email to check for availability.

We noticed that Vancouverites were searching for Vancouver images on our website, but we didn't have anything to offer them... until now. We are super excited to announce our collaboration with one of the biggest up and coming Vancouver Photographers, Mado!

Currently we offer three of his images, but check out his website ( and his instagram @e.madou and let us know if there is something else you would like to see on Canvas. 


And now, and little bit about Mado:

Mado E Khouly 

After picking up his girlfriend’s DSLR in April 2016, Mado El Khouly began his journey with photography. It wasn’t long before Mado fell in love with the concept of capturing moments through his lens, and implementing his design skills to alter the image to what he envisioned. Using this motivation, he became the owner of a new camera, sought help through collaborations, and self-taught using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Then, he began to share his creations with the world through his Instagram and website. Mado is also co-admin of @604Sunsets, capturing the moments before the sun goes down in Vancouver. If you would like to have physical print copies of his pieces, contact us with your choice from his impressive collection of landscapes and portraits, and we will get you Canvas'd!Web:

Instagram: @e.madou